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Jewelry testing cloud platform
China first jewelry testing center for security cloud service platform to provide jewelry detection for data entry, work management, data upload, a full security check process solution

Full-range test for management system
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laboratory workflow ●
Certificate Template ●
Security dimensional code ●
authority management ●
Bulk copy, print ●
Shortcuts ●
● Multi-certificate
● Custom data
● Automatically upload pictures
● Customer Management
● Mobile APP office

Excellent jewelry testing
Full Data Cloud Services,

Jewelry testing, is a heavy workload, data storage is growing faster work. Relying on comprehensive cloud service center, we tailor a full workflow management and certificate security solutions jewelry testing center, testing center can quickly make jewelry business, no development, no cost, you can start using the whole process of detection management system, help you win business.

Real-time data upload
You can check the security certificate printing

Certificate data and automatically upload real-time background image, without manual operation, to ensure that data is correct and accurate. When the certificate is automatically assigned security code and security printing two-dimensional code, you can check the authenticity of the print, no waiting, no need to export data to upload.

Data, image storage cloud
Infinite Space

Relying on the support center cloud security platform, all certificate data and real-time image stored in the cloud platform, without manual operation. Unlimited storage space to ensure the rapid development of your business, you no longer need to worry about running out of storage space and a hard disk failure.

Custom certificate display
multi-dimensional data selection

Scan QR code to reveal the full certificate information and a plurality of pictures,
Support enterprises to customize display page, highlighting the corporate brand.
All national network speeds are optimized,
The page is loaded only a few hundred milliseconds.

Multi-terminal connection
Create greater value

Each customer can open a separate display sections,
Customers can automatically edits
Users can display two-dimensional code scanning certificate show business,
Multi-information detecting mechanism, while supporting link for customers to configure the electricity supplier,
Connecting client business platform,
Create greater value for your customers.


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