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Brand security
Brand anti-counterfeit certification logo, support the official website, WeChat, small procedures, scanning and other multi-channel query, to provide personalized value-added systems and production, warehousing, logistics, sales and other full-scale anti-counterfeiting and data analysis services.
Brand security certification label
Brand security certification label specifically for the famous enterprises customized certification labels, adding color and other physical anti-counterfeiting technology and the domestic advanced anti-counterfeiting technology,
Set a full set of anti-counterfeiting and traceability function, which can effectively solve the brands business needs of anti-counterfeiting.
 Five advantages    Eight functions    Multi-channel query
Brand security certification label five major advantages
Authoritative certification, customer experience, technical support, query channel
Always consider for business and consumers

Certification authority

Shenzhen Citybrand security service center, formerly known as the Shenzhen market supervision and security services center, in 2004 by the Shenzhen Municipal Market and Quality Supervision and Management Commission approved the establishment of Standard Technology Research Institute, Shenzhen Institute of Standards and Technology for enterprises to provide brand-based anti-counterfeiting platform Of the service sector, is the authority, justice, and has a credibility of the service platform.


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Brand security certification labels, specifically for the famous enterprises customized certification labels, zero shipment, low MOQ, cost-effective, no additional payment printing fee, approval of enterprise information can receive labels, simple, convenient and fast.

The introduction of color variable code and other advanced

The use of advanced color variable anti-counterfeiting technology, to give the label on the security code, two-dimensional code data and query results to verify the unique color of the page, and to achieve the unity of the three colors; label on the production batch number Tags for full production can be tracked management.

Patented two - dimensional code security technology
To ensure data is safe and reliable

Patentedtwo-dimensionalcodeencodingandencryption technology, the data false false alarm, disable the exception label, improve the data security index and fraud costs, to ensure maximum data security and reliability.

Provide personalized query page
Increase the way of corporate propaganda

Brand security verification platform to verify the query, but also to show commodity information, and personalized custom business query page, increase business and consumer interaction, help enterprises to enhance the brand image, is a long-term publicity, can reduce the cost of publicity.

Brand security certification label eight functions

Brand security certification label eight functions
Authoritative certification, customer experience, technical support, query channel

Provide product security verification service products
Life cycle traceability tracking

* To achieve the storage, shift library, inventory and other fine
Fine management of the construction of modern intelligent warehouse

Customize personalized enterprise information and products
Information display to help enterprises to promote brand

* Related materials, trays, loading and other information
Realize real-time traceable logistics management

* Achieve fine product distribution management, improve
Dealer management level, reduce the cost of enterprise inspection

* Real-time online production data collection ensures
Data is updated in real time and is ready for correctness

And anti-security combination, to achieve business online mall
The construction provides marketing lottery, mall traffic
Transformation and other special services

Record the goods after each sale, return note
Returning support for resetting product traceability tags

Tips: "*" part of the function for the personality custom

Brand security certification label four query channel

Provide four query channels
To ensure that consumers can the most convenient way to check security

Provide security check interface, can access the official website, can be customized security verification prompt

Provide security check interface, can access the enterprise WeChat public number, support can be customized

Can customize the enterprise personalized H5 only goods and other business platform product

Provide WeChat small program security check fast channel, free registration, f you can a key query verification


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