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And security companies to share large data values
Product counterfeiting traceability management step

Security labels, is every product identification, we hope that it will help enterprises in the production, distribution, marketing, sale and provide data to support the application of the occlusal surface. Relying center 12 years experience in security and technology research and development, we will be in the product data security value of ecosystem fully open to individual members of the security business, multi-platform connectivity, data sharing. Allow enterprises to enjoy the convenience and benefits of more clouds in the Internet age.

Among the many social network platform
A key to the deployment of security services

Enterprise micro-channel public account
Perfect butt micro-channel interface, fans and security of user information associated with the data, interoperability support for multi-micro-channel account
Enterprise microblogging platform
Perfect butt official microblogging interface, microblogging private letter inquiries security services
Company Website
One line of code to deploy proprietary authentication enterprise security official website, available in multiple languages. No domain jump, no access difficulty.

Integration of multi-platform data
Power Enterprise Marketing

Bind user identification

Product Sales Analysis

Dealer Market Analysis

Abnormal data processing

A plurality of value systems
Full traceability and product life cycle management

  • E interconnected warehouse management system codeSingle product tracking management, intelligent scheduling FIFO, warehouse inventory, shipping activate the product ID tags, real-time data upload, no server, no need to install and use.
  • Multi-level dealer management systemAuthorized dealers verification, tracking dealers, distributors, warehousing a database management, and other multi-level market dealer application management capabilities help manufacturers to fully grasp the dynamic flow of products.
  • Micro-channel management systemAnd product identity tag data perfect combination to achieve the security authentication, auto verification and other functions on the micro-letter, effective fans to understand the products purchased and distributed dealer market, to carry out micro-channel booster fan growth and marketing activities.

Professional Architecture
To provide a stable, secure service guarantee

Fast Bandwidth
l CDN acce
our s
e ne
Scheduled Backup

Brand security open platform
Strengthen enterprise connectivity, endless possibilities discovery

Full platform standards Restful Api
More convenience for enterprises to connect third-party systems to achieve independent control

Docking support enterprise management systems
Including docking support Kingdee, UF, multi-tube woman and many other commonly used ERP and personalization of ERP

Open more data capabilities to facilitate enterprise realize big data applications

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