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Product ID tags
New generation of Internet and security labels, production quality control, marketing, auto tracking, after-sales service the whole process of retrospective application security program.
Help enterprises quickly into the era of DT
Most Internet security label products
A two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting and product traceability management

Our latest Reflections security label value to the enterprise, companies want to build a whole process of application security products, so that enterprises can better share the value of big data security posed.

Data Association
Perfect display product information

Product identification and product-one corresponding label, scan access to a detailed product description, the enterprise can customize the display of the content, more products to join the custom link jump, multi-platform drainage.

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Intelligent Recognition
Easily identify the authenticity of products

When a user scans the system automatically identifies the tag corresponding to the security code, and automatically displays 15 random, users simply enter the remaining five security code can quickly find security, quickly and easily and effectively prevent the two-dimensional code is copied with shift .

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Product Tracking
Achieve market liquidity intelligent traceability

And production, the perfect combination of warehouse management, traceability and efficient data upload; users to scan identification, market anomalies automatic alarm;

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Providing Mobile Solutions Provider
Detonated mobile marketing

Provide micro-mall marketing integration program, through the anti-counterfeiting draw, share sweepstakes, anti-counterfeit points, coupons and other multi-fractional drain customers to the enterprise business platform to improve the application of conversion results.

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One thing One code
Patented coding technology to protect the security of data security

With central patent-dimensional coding technology to ensure each label two-dimensional code, security code, and logistics tracking code labels, one to one product, effective tamper, tamper. More than one code, you can expand the application field of two-dimensional code, to achieve effective data integration.

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A plurality of value systems
Full traceability and product life cycle management

  • E interconnected warehouse management system codeSingle product tracking management, intelligent scheduling FIFO, warehouse inventory, shipping activate the product ID tags, real-time data upload, no server, no need to install and use.
  • Multi-level dealer management systemAuthorized dealers verification, tracking dealers, distributors, warehousing a database management, and other multi-level market dealer application management capabilities help manufacturers to fully grasp the dynamic flow of products.
  • Micro-channel management systemAnd product identity tag data perfect combination to achieve the security authentication, auto verification and other functions on the micro-letter, effective fans to understand the products purchased and distributed dealer market, to carry out micro-channel booster fan growth and marketing activities.

Brand security open platform
More convenience for enterprises to connect third-party systems to achieve independent control

Including docking support Kingdee, UF, multi-tube woman and many other commonly used ERP and personalization of ERP

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